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Hello. In case you were unaware, I'm Rowin, the author of H².E.L.P. This is my site, you're welcome to mooch around and have a look. I have a blog which you might find interesting, you can buy a deluxe edition of my book which I can sign for you (why would you want to do that though?) or donate. Yes, you have the ability to give your money to me for nothing in return! Lucky duck.

I also post my event dates; whether that's book-signings, talks or maybe if there isn't much going on, I might just say where I'm going for dinner. In any case, if you need to know something about me or my work, it's probably around here somewhere.

The book I've written is rather good, I think. I would say that though. It contains some of my thoughts and ideas, but most importantly, it's all about helping you learn how to overcome adversity and the every day problems in your life the same way I did. If you understand the concepts and truly embrace them, then no matter how big or small the issue you're facing is, you will be able to surmount it through the simple power of thought! Pretty cool, right?

If you still need a bit more guidance, come and see me at one of my talks where I can perhaps offer more help, or any other event, and we can have a quick chat about pretty much anything.

I've recently been devoting great portions of my life to helping people get through their problems. There's nothing better than knowing you've changed someone's life for the better in no small way. That's my ambition. That's what I do.

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