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Isn't Life just wonderful sometimes? No doubt you've experienced fine days before, where the Sun shines, but it's not too hot; where the breeze fills the air with some sweet bouquet of the earth, the grass, the trees or whatever happens to be nearby. There are days such as these where all the birds chirp and all the trees sway, flitter and rustle in the soft winds, where ponds lie dormant, stirred momentarily by an insect or a frog hopping into its mysterious depths. These are the sort of days poets use to inspire themselves to write a haiku or some bittersweet ode. These moments are as close to perfection as one can perceive. Is there truly anything finer than such instances, when we are in a frame of mind which is docile enough to even be able to experience such wonderment at Nature's gifts to our senses.

Indeed, we, as the receivers of these stimuli, experience all of this through the filters of our subjectivity. We've had days like these, yet we may not have always been able to appreciate them; often, we are too caught up in other thoughts and worries to be able to quietly contemplate the natural world's perpetual poetry. Is it not a shame that we sometimes have a disposition which interferes with our own joy and with our own internalisation of external information.

If one is truly in the correct frame of mind, it's easy to enjoy any day, regardless of the weather; simply living and pondering all the questions associated therewith is a marvel in itself. Simply thinking about how amazing it is to be able to think or to understand what the meaning of identity entails or to start planning for the future because that's a place where you want to be. These thoughts come naturally to anyone with a receptive mindset, the happiness that accompanies them too. In fact, being aware of how we're experiencing the day and its events can benefit us immensely; take a moment every now and then to ask yourself how you're feeling. Are you in a good place? Can you soak up your surroundings and appreciate them? Or are you perhaps not having the best of times? If this is the case, are you feeling these things because of what's external to you, or because of what's internal?

By definition, anything you feel will be from an internal source, however it is sometimes not beneficial to merely write it off and pretend nothing is wrong. Are you doing what you can to move your thoughts and your situation into the right place? Are you addressing the issues that you're facing and dealing with them properly? If so, then you can rest assured that whatever you're facing will stop eventually. The process of bringing your mind to a better place is rewarding in itself; after all, you're maing an effort, and where there's effort, there's invariably progress. Working on your problems will ease your problems, with a little bit of time and a great deal of work.

Be proud that you can even recognise when things aren't as they should be; be happy that you can identify what's bothering you correctly and that you can work on it. You're driving yourself forward on the right road, and you must understand that anything good that you do for yourself pays off. Hard work is a virtue, as said Voltaire, and it's true in many senses; firstly, an honest day's work is a reward in itself. You can be proud of what you accomplish by moistening your brow with the sweat which comes with physical effort. You can feel good that you worked for someting and got somewhere, or at least tried. Secondly, the hard work that is essential for transformation of the self - which is immense and difficult and trying - is all the more rewarding, because you can see the fruits of your labour every single day.

Every time you make a decision or choose to do something difficult whereas before you would have opted for the easy route, then you can see the difference in yourself immediately. You can be elated at the prospect of changing for the better, and the inevitable wealth that will bring to you, if it hasn't already. You're changing who you are, slowly letting go of what's been holding you back and embracing all that will push you forwards. You're working hard to undertake the equivalent of moving a mountain all by yourself, and your progress, although perhaps slow, is substantial and vital for you to become the person you've always wanted to be.

When you finally are able to look out of your window and quietly stand in awe and amazement at everything that's outside, then you'll understand how much better you are now than before.

Be proud, you've earnt it.

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